Peep consists of Joost (left) and Ferdinand (right). Early 1996 we started recording home made songs.

We started out with Martijn on boxes and crates. And another Joost occasionaly played drums on our songs until 2001. Right now, we rely on keyboards, software and our imagination for beats and percussion.

  A couple of times a year we join for recording songs. Due to lack of time we don't practice or rehearse. Our songs are created on the spot in our living rooms.

On each track we play multiple parts and instruments. Because of all those things, we can't perform live. That's why we put all our songs on this website.
Our songs appeared on several compilation tapes. In 2001 Peep released the split-tape Fompas with Psychon Troopers on Morc Records. See the review below.

"Psychon Mist do instrumental music where post-rock meets neo-classical meets experimental electronica. The titles are usually quirky ones like Behold My Flushroom! and Five is No Collar for an Engineer. >
< Mostly a bit too experimental for me, but I do like Peep, whose music is usually on the darker side of lo-fi pop. There's also Popsong which, despite the title, is more folk than pop. A good band, I'd like to hear more from them."

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